Using Honorlock for Online Proctoring

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Many courses have proctored tests. In some cases your class will have an online test that links to a publisher website or embeds a test from another source. Do you have to use it? If your computer cannot support the application, you don’t have a webcam or if your internet connection is unstable, you may go to a testing site to take your online test.

While using Honorlock for online tests helps most students save time when planning for a proctored test, it can be difficult if you have very poor internet access, and impossible if you do not have a webcam or a computer you can reliably use. In these cases you will need to take your test at an approved proctoring site or, if none are available, consider community resources, your local library, the high school, or similar venues.

If your class has proctored online exams there is a charge of $9.00 per test up to $18.00 per class that semester. This can be less than the cost of driving and a sitting fee at a test center– depending upon whether there is a charge.

If you schedule your test with an approved local testing center there will be a computer to use, access to the internet, and the Honorlock code is bypassed by the proctor so the student does not pay the Honorlock fee. Please check in advance as most places require a scheduled appointment to ensure a computer is available for your use.

If you have questions, UAF eCampus Exam Services is available via phone at 907-455-2060 or email at

The eCampus Exam Services team: Capra, Logan, and Julia (L-R)
UAF eCampus Exam Services team


  • Janene McMahan

    Student Services Manager
    Janene oversees UAF eCampus Exam Services and the Front Counter experience for staff, faculty, students, and the public. Exam Services proctors community/professional exams and paper/online tests for UAF eCampus students, UAA/UAS students taking online courses, students entering UAF who need placement or library competency exams, etc.

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